Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Hardest Part of Working Out

Hello from the depths of wherever I'm at these days. Many people will ask what the hardest part about working out is, and well it's not the working out itself. I'd have to say for me personally it's sticking to the program I've chosen, and ignoring all the voices on the internet that say it's useless.
I believe some things in life just click; let me tell you guys something. I spent too much time on phase one of the Alpha Body Blueprint, I spent almost seven weeks on that phase, and I burned out.
I thought since I burned out it was time to switch plans, and that was my mistake. Don't ever switch workout plans especially if there are two phases, and only use the recommended number of weeks.
I had listened to a guy that said my results would be better if I worked out in split. Wrong. I hate splits, hell I couldn't even stick with any other program.
I don't know what it is, but me and the blueprint just kind of click. I guess it helps keep some kind of order in my life, I'm not sure. I do change things up a little but not drastically. Like today for instance, on Sunday, I did the five 100 meter sprints on my strength day, and did tabata (will have you crying on the floor) mountain climbers today, my power day. I did warm up with light hang snatches, but I kind of like the clean and press. So yeah I keep pretty much to the program, but I don't change anything major in it.
On that week seven I mentioned instead of dumbbell chest presses I did dips. I love dips don't get me wrong, but the program wasn't designed with those in mind, and that's ok. I mean the whole warm up is nothing but angular bodyweight training. I can't do my own thing when it comes to working out, and I'm tired of the damn voices and ideas that run through my head telling me when I'm at work to try this or this.
Look I've learned from my mistakes. After of 8 weeks of six days of training take a two to three day break then get back into it and keep improving that's all I can do. Consistency is key to long term strength and gains not doing one program one month then doing another the next. I know many disagree with me but this is my experience and not everybody is the same. So for me the hardest part of working out is being faithful to that one program, I mean time is gonna pass anyway so why not just get damn good and better at it? Sometimes simplicity is the best thing in life.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Focus on being fit not abs.

A strong core is essential to our bodies, but I've found in my experience, I'm just not cut out for six pack abs. I have a lean strong stomach from doing deadlifts, front and back squats and hanging leg raises in the Alpha Body Blueprint, but maybe six pack abs aren't everything. Hell, this is a quote from Justin Devonshire from his 21 Day Emergency Muscle Blueprint Program: "Strong midsection: a 6-pack is not always required, but as long as your midsection is hard, robust and strong-looking."
I have a strong mid-section, I eat healthy balanced meals. Granted I like pizza and ice cream; those are my guilty pleasures. But with the kind of job I work at in a factory now, I burn off all the carbs I intake plus working out six days a week (one being an active light weight recovery workout), I've decided I'm just fine.
I've gained muscle in the past five weeks from going through the first phase of ABB two times in a row again. I weigh 167 but it's in muscle. I don't have a gut, and I'm lean and strong. I'll never be an epic action hero, that's life despite what I like to fantasize. The key to getting stronger is sticking with a program that works and getting good at it.
I've thought about doing SixPackShortcuts or tried other programs. They don't click for me like the Alpha Body Blueprint does, and the twenty-seven dollars I paid for it has been worth it. So now I'm just focused on being fit, strong and lean, not movie star caliber, but decent. Also I've started sprinting  a few days a week because heck, it's summer time, and I love the outdoors. So I'm off for now. Remember find a workout plan that clicks for you and stick with it, and high frequency training is what I love. I look forward to working out now that it's become such an integral part of my life. Adios.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Just another blog

I really can't come up with a title for this blog other than it just being another blog. Forgive me if I ramble in this one folks, you see I've been busy. I currently have a new job with full time hours, right now I'm working through a temp agency at a local office furniture factory and I enjoy it immensely. Here's a few things that's been on my mind.
Sometimes life as we all know doesn't turn out how we plan; me I wanted to be a famous author at one point and for years I kept looking for a shortcut to that. There are no shortcuts to greatness; as with anything, and this is what working out has taught me especially this year, it takes time, patience and with all caps EFFORT! When I first started writing and originally wrote a book called UnLocked Secrets The Beginning, I was an american fundamentalist churchian or christian whichever you want to use. That's a whole other story for another time.
But the point is, I had actually put effort into writing that book and I accomplished something. My whole problem has been wanting a shortcut and things just to miraculously happen; I became an over-thinker because of what some critic or more "established" writer would say. I don't mind criticism as long as it's constructive. Within my head, I'd constructed a whole universe that I wanted to put down on paper, but somehow along the way with emotional, mental, and financial issues, I lost that drive.
You can't let anything stand in the way of your dreams. That's why I had such fun writing The Cyberbird; I had published it on Amazon.com but was discouraged cause of literally no sales. Instead of taking the risks to promote it, I became distracted by social media, and became over thinking with the story, instead of it just being what I'd wanted it to be. A crazy ass written version to tokusatsu, specifically The Kamen Rider and Garo series, and the animes Bio-booster Armor Guyver and Karas The Prophecy and Revelation.
I worried about were the characters deep enough, should I have more heroes? But I've come to the conclusion the story is perfect even with its flaws. It's my story that I chose to wrote. Sure eventually I'll have Aaron Anders and Xelbrius fighting extraterrestial descendants of angels as far out as it sounds, but it's supposed to be far out. And the other heroes like The Radical and ShadowLight, it's meant be crazy sci-fi maybe sometimes random action
A psychotic yet calculating general who is one of the planet's best fighters is out done by a rookie who takes to fighting styles naturally? That's crazy, and you know what it's meant to be fun. My characters Aaron and Xelbrius are heroes but flawed, and smartasses. They don't get along all the time, and that's the story I'll show. Fighting a giant Turduckensaurus at Macy's thanksgiving day parade? That's gonna be helluva funny to write. I'd written it but deleted it cause I wanted to be more "serious".
But come on, tokusatsu is known for  it's crazy cheesiness. Yes, there can be serious good moments in the story, but not everything has to be grim dark, and I think in writing this I've gotten my spark back. So tonight I'm republishing The Cyberbird as Ra'a the Cyberbird, and moving forward with Rise of the Heroes in tribute to Iron Savior's 2014 album Rise of the Hero. So adieu and the season finale of Grimm awaits me in six minutes.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Fitness Fidelity and Overthinking is an obstacle

My inbox is loaded with fitness program offers on my gmail and hotmail accounts. Will it never end? I suppose I shouldn't have signed up on all those fitness websites, oh well that's life, you live and learn from your mistakes. For a week or so I thought about switching from the ABB (Alpha Body Blueprint by Justin Devonshire for you noobs), but I realized, I'm getting damn good at it, and constantly improving.
I love the daily total body workouts, and the thing is, it prepares me better for real life. Okay enough about that, but I do need ask Justin if he'll put the link up again to buy it, cause he hasn't renewed it.  Anyway, I'm on a hard path in life, and one reason is because I tried to take the easy way out when I was younger. Don't ever do that, you will pay for it. Instead of going to a technical or trade school, to learn a skill, and get a decent job while writing on the side, I chose to work retail and write on the side.
And damn does it suck big time. My main obstacle in writing is I tend to overthink the stories I come up with. Yes, overthinking is one of the worse things anybody, writer, stocker, whatever you do to pay the bills can do. I'm not against critical thinking, I'm all for it, but I'm talking about wanting to be such a damn perfectionist, you lose the fun in what you're doing.
The same thing has ruled my life for the past eight years; first, I'm sad to say I got into the Alex Jones crowd. Thank God, I'm out of that now, and I was scared that  we were all gonna be put in FEMA death camps. I've come to the personal conclusion that was bull crap, but that was the main reason I didn't got to a trade school.
Let's put it this way, conspiracy theories (yes there are conspiracies out there, and I use some of the more odd ones in my fiction stories) can ruin your life, and if you're dumb enough, cause you to lose good friends. That's what happened with me, don't go that route. I lost many good friends that way. If you enjoy something artistic or fitness wise, whatever it is, don't overthink it.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sometimes simple is the best

As time as gone on, I've realized something, sometimes the most simplistic things in life are the best. In America, we live in a fast paced, technologically advanced yet unhealthy growing poor society. This is especially prevalent in the Deep South; I believe you can be smart and simple, but not stupid like so many people I encounter.
We all do stupid things from time to time; I know I do, plenty and too idiotic to name. Whether it's from working out (Alpha Body Blueprint I love ya,) or to writing. This is specifically on writing. Earlier I was watching Terminator 2 Judgment Day , and I came to realize something. The story is pretty straight forward, and that's what I've decided to do with my Cyberbird series.
Instead of calling it The Cyberbird or Ra'a the Armored Angel, I've decided to go with the kick ass name of Ra'a the Cyberbird. Ra'a is a Hebrew word which means to break or spoil, and in this case it's a take charge no hold hero, named Aaron Anders, and Xelbrius, an angel trapped as a cyborg bird that join forces to take on evil mages, demon aliens, and just all kinds of crazy crap.
Yeah, I've decided to tap into my inner child, and rewrite this into a straight forward, tinged with a tiny bit of mystery, hero series. One of my favorite movies ever is Captain America The Winter Soldier, and in it they showed, you can be awesome and still stand for heroic ideals.
I guess standing up for your fellow man, helping the poor, loving others even if they believe different than you is part of what being an Alpha male and a hero is about. A hero goes against the odds, and doesn't take the easy way out. If something is hard, he finds ways to improve, and keep getting stronger and better, and that is also the kind of person I aim to be.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Sticking with Alpha Body

The other day I wrote a post saying I'd go to the six pack shortcuts program, but I realized something, I love the Alpha Body Blueprint. It combines bodyweight, dumbbells and barbell training in a short six day a week system. So I've decided, it's the plan I'll stick with, and I won't do the third month of the extreme bodyweight challenge.
What's great about the Blueprint is it can be adapted into a four week program, and each workout of every week is consistent but a little bit different. I like what Elliot Hulse said in a video of his, stick with a workout program for one year. Don't worry about what anybody else is doing. Also, I'm not gonna be a workout plan whore. I know one thing my deadlift and squats sure have improved. I can currently deadlift 225 and I only weigh 167. That's fifty-two more pounds than I weigh.
If I'm ever on the go, I figure I can do bodyweight omnisets and angular training. I mean what's wrong with having a lean strong body and core? Sure I may not have a six pack or a gut, but my core is still tight and strong, and all I have is time to improve. So I'm sticking with the Alpha Body Blueprint, and I'm not changing a dang thing about it. I love it. I've gained muscle, and heck I'll just use the extreme bodyweight routines as a warmup from time to time. So be faithful to something that works and is already great. Next year I may do a different workout routine. I don't know yet, but this the year of becoming an Alpha for me. Learning skills, and improving my life so one day I can have a future a beautiful woman who's been my best friend for nearly five years and is in brazil at the moment.
She's the only one for me and so is this plan.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Last Week of the Alpha Body Blueprint

What a hell of a month February has been for me. I mean seriously, at the moment I still feel like I'm where I'm at if not worse off than last year. I would love to monetize this blog and go into business for myself, but it seems damn near impossible. Things are working out with me and my friend in Brazil, no thanks to my stupidity and thinking grass is always greener on the other side when it's note.
Fellas, if you've got a great girl no matter how far she is from you at the moment, don't dump her, and don't tug at her heart strings. It's not right, and it causes alot of unnecessary grief.
Okay so I'm the eighth and final week of the Alpha body blueprint, and the next program I will be going to will be SixPackShortcuts from Mike Chang. I'm still doing my body-weight angular training in addition to weight training. Also in the first month of the program I will be doing the final month of ashoa's Extreme Bodyweight Challenge, and two weighted workouts in addition to what's in the first phase of SPS. So yeah that's basically it.